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restoration of hardwood floors

Bring Back the Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors!

Every hardwood floor is unique. Our hardwood flooring experts can help you with the best restoration solution for your hardwood floor.

Instead of traditional sanding ask about our dustless and sandless process for hardwood floors.

• Our Process Works for all hardwood, laminate and engineered wood floors.
• Instead of sanding we use a special non-toxic solution to machine screen your floor.
• Dustless and sandless
• We seal your floor with multiple coats of our own brand of finish in just a few hours
• No odor and it dries in one hour
• Saves you Money!

Traditional Sanding for your Hardwood Floors

• Light Sanding - Light surface sanding and a single coat of urethane

Full Sand Out - Sand approximately 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch off your floor and    then  put on a couple coats of urethane.

Other Services

• Cleaning and Buffing
• Bleaching and Coloring
• Scratch Repair
• Water Damage Repair